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Ram and Himalayan Dreams Team

Thanks a lot for a wonderful trip and time at Kathmandu and Tibet. You made an extraordinary trip. 

All the best for the future.


June 2010




Alex v. Bischhoffshausen V
Chile -South America


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News Update


The Nepal Tourism Year campaign basically centered on Chinese and Indian Tourists but as you walk around Thamel or just along the lakeside in Pokhara, one can't help but notice the many Europeans and North Americans that pass by.

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The event began exactly at 6:00pm at the historical venue of Patan Museum amidst a crowd of about 70 people. While Kutumba began playing its folk numbers, this talented group of musicians made the crowd swing to its melody. By 7:00pm a large crowd had gathered and about 200 people started listening to the band play popular instrumental tunes.

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Golf Tour in Nepal.

Tee off in an ancient land- Golf NEPAL Golf and Nepal hardly seem to be a match, but oddly enough ...

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Serendipity Tours

Serendipity: the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident. Come to Nepal and ...

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